• Most equipment can be checked out for 7 days by anyone with a valid library account.
  • Children under age 16 must have a parent's or guardian's signature.
  • Overdue fees are $1 a day, and patrons will be charged for missing pieces or parts.
  • Instructions and, in some cases, product guides and ideas are included.
  • Some of the equipment requires software to be downloaded on a home computer.
  • Library customers can place holds on equipment just like any library item through the online Catalog or by calling the Help Desk at 920-322-3929.
  • The kits are kept at the Main Library downtown but can be shipped for pickup at FDLPL Express.
  • Equipment returns must be made at the desk; do not drop equipment in a return bin.
Arduino kit Open-source mini computers that can function as the brains in everything from drones to Christmas light shows.
Audio recorder H2n recorder, USB cord, windscreen, mic clip adaptor, adjustable tripod, remote control, AC adaptor & SD card.
Bike lock Lock on steel cable with key.
Bike repair toolkit Includes T-way wrench, seven common bits & one glueless patch kit.
Carousel projector Kodak Carousel slide projector, 2 slide trays, remote control & instructions.
CD lens cleaner Optimizes CD player’s sound quality. Reduces skipping, mistracking & distortion.
CD Player Requires 8 "C" batteries (not included) or AC power cord to operate.
Circuit Scribe pen Conductive pen that can create circuits by doodling.
Computer projector Hooks up to computer to project presentations, movies, etc. 
DVD lens cleaner Optimizes DVD player’s sound quality and reduces skipping, mistracking & distortion.
DVD player Portable player with battery, power cord & power car adapter.
E-readers Kindle and Nook E-readers with preloaded titles for kids, teens and adults. 
Guitar effect pedals

A Varitey of different types of effect pedals for electric guitar. Brands include Overdrive, Distortion and Chorus. Search catalog for "pedal." 

Kano computer kit Computers you build and code. Includes Raspberry Pi Model B, speaker, keyboard & idea booklet.
Kill-a-Watt monitor Monitors electric consumption of home appliances. 
Launchpads Tablets for all ages with tons of ad-free learning apps grouped by age range. 
Light Therapy Lamp Light therapy lamps improve mood and happiness.
LittleBits Magnetic electronic building blocks.
Lytro camera Shoot first, focus later using a matrix of tiny lenses on a sensing chip.
Makey Makey kit Invention kits turn everyday objects into keyboards, game controllers, musical instruments & more.

This USB digital microscope equipped with a 7 inches large HD LCD screen providesa broad field of view for easy viewing.   

Mobile Hotspot Wireless device that provides high-speed communication and connection to the Internet.
Overhead projector Displays transparencies.
Personal CD Player Requires 2 AA batteries (not included) or AC-DC adapter to operate.
Portable Speaker System Samson Expedition XP106w portable PA speaker system.
Projector Screen  70"x70"; weighs approximately 16 pounds.
Sphero Programmable robot ball.
Squishy Circuit Conductive, insulating play dough teaches the basics of electrical circuits.
Super 8mm projector
Small, Compact and mobile. Easy to use, and Optimal for Beginners
Thermal Imaging Camera Reveal lets you pinpoint specific sources of heat-and heat loss-up to 500 feet away.
Ukulele Musical instrument, tuner & chord sheet.
Video recorder HD video recorder, USB cord, windscreen, adjustable tripod, AC adaptor & SD card.