1. Understand the project

  • Using the laser cutter, any design of text and/or images can be laser-burned onto a plywood ornament blank
  • Both sides of the ornament blank can have a design, if desired

Laser ornament


2. Create the design

Select an image or text

  • Images need to look good in black and white rather than color
  • Some detail will disappear when laser-etching

Sample images

Size the image

  • Crop or stretch your image to 2.88” square
  • Be aware that since the ornament is a circle, things in the corners of the image will not be on the ornament

Save the image

  • Save the image as a Word doc, PDF file, or JPEG file


3. Laser-etch the project

Send us the file

  • If you are signed up for the project to be made by Idea Studio staff, send us the file for your project
  • Attach the file to an email and send it to ideastaff@fdlpl.org


To create the piece yourself

  • If you are not signed up for this project, you will do the laser etching yourself
  • If you are already badged on the laser cutter, reserve time on the machine in Skedda. Bring the file with you on a USB drive.
  • Ornament blanks will be available for $0.25 until supplies run out
  • If you are not already badged on the laser cutter, contact us at ideastaff@fdlpl.org to set up a time to get trained on the machine