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The 2017 monthly Breads of the World series offered demonstrations of how to make bread from a different part of the world.

The 12 Breads program handouts are gathered this 29-page document, where you'll find recipes from the programs below:

  • Jan 17: India, paratha and chapati
  • Feb 21: Ireland, soda bread
  • Mar 21: Israel, challah
  • Apr 18: Mexico, tortilla
  • May 16: Italy, pizza dough
  • Jun 20: Ethiopia, injera
  • Jul 18: England, Cornish saffron bread
  • Aug 15: Germany, soft pretzel
  • Sep 19: US, sourdough
  • Oct 17: Mexico, pan de muertos
  • Nov 21: Italy, ciabatta
  • Dec 19: Denmark, aebleskiver 

Fond du Lac Public Library's monthly History at Home programs focus on local and state history. Many are captured on video and available on the library's YouTube channel.

The series began in October 2013 and has run monthly since (skipping Decembers). The programs so far:


  • Oct 17: Wisconsin Death Trip, presented by Terri Fleming
  • Nov 21: Christmas on Main Street, presented by Mary Leb


  • Jan 16: People of the Sturgeon, presented by Kathy Kline
  • Feb 20: African Americans in FDL, presented by Sally Powers-Albertz
  • Mar 20: The Wide Awakes & the Election of 1860, presented by Andrew Lang
  • Apr 17: 80 Acres & the Founding of FDL, presented by Tracy Reinhardt
  • May 15: History of Memorial Day, presented by Wayne King
  • Jun 19: How Cows Created Wisconsin, presented by Ed Janus
  • Jul 17: FDL’s Forgotten Pipeman, presented by Sally Powers-Albertz
  • Aug 21: Wheel Fever: How Wisconsin Became a Great Bicycling State, presented by Nicholas Hoffman
  • Sep 18: Yellowstone Trail, presented by Mark Mowbray
  • Oct 16: Brothertown Nation, presented by Patty Loew
  • Nov 20: Christmas on Main Street, presented by Mary Leb


  • Jan 15: Getting to Know the Stockbridge Mohicans, presented by Jeff Siemers
  • Feb 19: Fond du Lac’s Grand Manner, presented by Terry Gaffney
  • Mar 19: Fond du Lac Children's Home, presented by Sally Powers-Albertz
  • Apr 16: History of Wisconsin Supper Clubs, presented by Ron Faiola
  • May 21: Bottoms Up: A Toast to Wisconsin’s Historic Bars & Breweries, presented by FDL Historic Preservation Commission
  • Jun 18: History of The Little Farmer, presented by Theresa Mayer
  • Jul 16: Following in Their Footsteps: Local WWI Soldiers in Europe, presented by Wayne King and Maureen Betz
  • Aug 20: Moonshining and Bootlegging in the Holy Land, presented by J.J. Jenkins
  • Sep 17: Railroading in Early Fond du Lac, presented by Tracy Reinhardt
  • Oct 15: Houdini, presented by Emily Rock
  • Nov 19: Cathedral Mice of St. Paul’s, presented by Ruth Du Frane


  • Jan 21: Why We Love the Packers, presented by Jim Rice
  • Feb 18: Alaska Gold Rush, presented by Teri Mayer and the Rev. Edward Sippel
  • Mar 17: The Irish of FDL, presented by Tracy Reinhardt
  • Apr 21: History of the Oakfield Brickyards, presented by Al Messner
  • May 19: Lakeside Park Through Langdon’s Eyes, presented by Tracy Reinhardt
  • Jun 16: Bootlegging and Moonshining in the Holyland, presented by J.J. Jenkins
  • Jul 21: Prelude to War, presented by Wayne King
  • Aug 18: Murder & Mayhem in 1800s FDL County, presented by Sally Powers-Albertz
  • Sep 15: The Boys of Company E, presented by Dave Wege
  • Oct 20: History of Deer Hunting, presented by Bob Willging
  • Nov 17: Christmas Landmark Ornaments: 21 Years of History, presented by Soroptimists of FDL


  • Jan 19: Beer Hut and Outdoor Theater, presented by Pam Minsch and Kim Patt
  • Feb 16: FDL Picture Show: We Love a Parade, presented by Tracy Reinhardt
  • Mar 16: Women’s History Month: Electa Quinney, a Stockbridge Indian who was Wisconsin's first professional teacher, presented by Karyn Saemann
  • Apr 20: FDL Children’s Home, presented by Sally Powers-Albertz
  • May 18: FDL Picture Show: Fires & Firefighting, presented by Tracy Reinhardt
  • Jun 15: Hickory: The Lost Legacy, presented by Kevin DeCramer
  • Jul 20: History of Wade House, presented by Jim Willaert
  • Aug 17: FDL Picture Show: Church & School, presented by Tracy Reinhardt
  • Sep 21: FDL Mayor Dodd: Traitor?, presented by Sally Powers-Albertz
  • Oct 19: WI Food Traditions, presented by Terese Allen
  • Nov 16: FDL Picture Show: Let’s Go Downtown, presented by Tracy Reinhardt


  • Jan 18: Germans in Wisconsin, presented by Mark Louden
  • Feb 15: Lakeside Park: A Fond du Lac Treasure, presented by Tracy Reinhardt
  • Mar 15: Women’s History Month: It All Started on Kelley Road, presented by Karen Kelley
  • Apr 19: Following the Train Tracks, presented by Tracy Reinhardt
  • May 17: 40 Years of Walleye Weekend, presented by Tracy Reinhardt (Terri)
  • Jun 21: For the Love of Cheeses, presented by Dean Sommer
  • Jul 19: History of Peebles, presented by Jason Kroll
  • Aug 16: Fond du Lac & the KKK at the Turn of the Century, presented by Sally Powers-Albertz
  • Sep 20: The Night the Churches Burned, presented by Tracy Reinhardt
  • Oct 18: The Long Road Home from World War I, presented by Wayne King
  • Nov 15: If Stones Could Talk: FDL History from Tombstones, presented by Tracy Reinhardt



Take a tasty world tour with the 2018 Flavors of the World monthly series. Every third Tuesday of the month, local and regional foodies and experts will focus on a spice, flavor or herb (or two), tell their stories and demonstrate and share recipes in the Idea Studio. Flavors programs have handouts available: